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"Dr. Matt is one of the most observant chiropractors I've ever been to. He is very thorough and always takes his time. You never feel rushed! Highly recommend"!
T.W. from State College

“I was referred to Annie in March of 2015, I just didn’t feel like myself. I was constantly tired, my body hurt and I felt like I was barely getting through my days. She did a complete analysis and diagnosed me explaining that my body was like a house and I was basically operating out of one room only. It made complete sense to me! I was just getting through my days; not an ideal way to live. With numerous focused kinesiology sessions, I felt my energy increase, muscles that had fallen weak or to sleep begin to fire again! I see Annie monthly to keep me in check, as it allows me to function and workout to my fullest capacity instead of just getting through my days.”

"Dr.Annie, you are always very friendly and we never feel rushed. Your attention is "in the moment" and much appreciated!"

"Dr. Matt has been such a great help with my back and neck pain bringing me back to 100%- and where I was before I don't want to go back! Thanks Doc"!
B.W. from Lemont

"When I increased the intensity of my workouts, my body wasn't cooperating. I started having pains in new places and was getting frustrated by my limits. I went to see Dr. Annie and am SO happy that I did!! Her assessment process is extremely thorough, getting to the root cause of the problem. I was surprised to find out about old sports injuries that were possibly contributing! Who knew?What I've learned in the past month from Dr. Annie is invaluable which has also led me to be more mindful about how I'm moving. I feel amazing and have had zero limitations for several weeks now. I couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend checking her out"!!
A.W., State College

"Last August I tore my Achilles tendon while running. A friend suggested going to Dr. Matt to see if he could help with the healing. Since I’ve only been to a chiropractor a couple of times, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Matt’s skillful treatment combined with the application of Kinesio-Tape resulted in an amazingly quick recovery. I went from barely being able to walk to running again in just a few days.

"Appreciate that Dr. Annie actually read my chart and took the time to understand to talk to me to find out what I needed"!

“After seeking treatment after treatment and Physical Therapy options for my SI (Sacro Illiac) Joint dysfunction for several years I opted to try another form of therapy as nothing seemed to be working with my active lifestyle. Kerry suggested I visit Dr. Annie as she had found an alternative way to get rid of her aches and pains. After about 6 sessions with Dr. Annie I had finally found relief! Dr. Annie and her husband Matt have recently opened their own practice specializing in Applied Kinesiology and I can’t give them enough praise or kudos for their knowledge and expertise.”

"Now I see Dr. Matt monthly. He’s specifically working on increasing the range of motion of my left ankle, which I broke 17 years ago. After two surgeries and countless physical therapy sessions, I was told that my ankle was as good as it was going to get. Dr. Matt disagreed and because of his treatment I am experiencing decreased scare tissue and swelling in that ankle which result in greater freedom of movement and less pain. After so many years of “just living with it” it’s exciting to be working with a person who is helping me recover from such an old injury. All I can say is that Dr. Matt knows what he’s doing".
M.F. from Port Matilda

"Dr.Matt was the first Chiropractor I ever saw. He was very kind and gentle and helped settle my nerves. I feel so much better and I would recommend Dr.Matt to anyone who is in pain"!
G.H. from State College

"Quality, Wait Time, Environment, Customer Service - I really was impressed with the treatment and sensitivity to the patient . I was informed well , just great care FOR the patient. In 1 treatment I am feeling better. thank-you!
​G.M. from State College

"I have had painful sciatica for 5 years now, but after meeting with Dr. Reyes, I was confident that he could help me. After some treatments and Kinesio-taping, I am pain free and able to do whatever I want, including workouts that I couldn't do before! Thank you, Dr. Reyes"!
A.Z. from Lemont

"I have suffered from chronic foot problems for nearly a decade. Both the conditions themselves and their treatment left me with a knee that I knew was no longer sound. I was afraid to find out what would be required to fix it, so I just dealt with the zings of pain that increased in severity and number over the years.I was finally diagnosed with patello-femoral syndrome due to overstretched muscles and tendons no longer holding my kneecap in place exacerbated by unevenly worn bones that didn't fit together properly any more. While not severe enough yet to warrant invasive procedures, I got the point that they would be in my future if something didn't change.One of the suggested treatments was kinesio-taping which I had seen on tennis players on TV, but I had no idea how it worked or what it would mean for me. Coincidentally, within about a month, I met Dr. Matt Reyes at a work function whose specialty was...kinesio-taping.After a couple of rounds of Dr. Matt taping my knee in different configurations I wasn't sure if I was imagining some improvement, but I did know that the psychological security of having what amounted to a pain-free knee brace made me less tentative in approaching my usual activities.Dr. Matt also suggested a supplement called Arthroben to take the place of the pain reliever and glucosamine that I had been taking daily for years, in addition to helping rebuild the missing cartilage in my knee. I was skeptical, but six weeks later, I have yet to experience pain in my knee since starting on the combined regimen.Several months into the kinesio-taping and Arthroben, I feel like a miracle has happened. I have been pain-free and able to increase my activity bit by bit to the point where I feel safe bumping my schedule of yoga classes from one to two per week. I owe my current, much-improved condition to Dr. Matt Reyes and kinesio-taping, and I am looking forward to it getting better still as I am able to be more active without fear of pain or further injury".
D.L. from Bellefonte

"I had swollen knees for about one year. The non-invasive procedure, kinesio- taping, significantly reduced the swelling in my knees. This procedure is painless-no drugs or needles- a lightweight tape is applied to the affected area. best of all, I was able to carry on with my normal activities while undergoing treatment! Thank you, Dr.Reyes!"
C.N.from State College

"Dr.Matt helped me in the past with some bulging discs in my lower back, 2 years later I am virtually pain free in my lower back and he is currently in the process of fixing some other issues I am having with some manipulations and AK to help resolve my low back ache from a line of recent surgeries. Very gentle, very thorough during every appointment, I highly recommend Dr. Matt to anyone seeking a Chiropractor.
D.F. Boalsburg

“The kinesio tape helped my shoulder through a powerlifting competition with absolutely no pain, and I thought it was just tapethank you Dr.Reyes!"
M.R. Lock Haven, PA

“I’ve never had Low back pain in my life, and then an injury from gardening really took me out of the game. The kinesio taping took away the pain and gave me great stability.”
M.M. State College, PA

“I’ve been a runner my whole life, and for the past 4 years I have had some nagging knee pain. Since the first time I had the kinesio taping done, I have never gone back- no more knee pain!”
J.B. State College, PA

"Dr. Annie Zeigler Reyes has made a huge difference for me. Not only in the way I feel, but also in the way I think. She always finds time to fit me in when I start to feel something is wrong. They are always professional and explain everything in depth. Great place, great people, highly recommended"!
E.K. Lemont

As an individual with severe chronic back pain, I have been seeing Dr. Matt Reyes and Dr. Anne Reyes since they began practicing. I have very serious spine problems, and frequent chiropractic adjustments have helped to keep me out of a wheel chair. I also had very severe problems with asthma, but now rarely have a flare-up or need my rescue inhaler as a result of my regular visits to Reyes Active Body Chiropractic. Both Dr. Matt Reyes and Dr. Anne Reyes are very knowledgeable, caring chiropractors who do all they can to help their patients function well. Dr. Matt Reyes even went out of his way to schedule an appointment on a Sunday as a result of the severe pain I was having. So don't be afraid to ask for a Sunday appointment, they both will work for you and with you.

Great doctors!


I first met Dr. Reyes when I injured my lower back weight lifting in the gym. I knew that I needed more than a quick adjustment so when I heard how thorough the doctor is I figured he would be a good fit. As of today, I am feeling great with no more lower back pain. I now rely on the doc monthly to keep me going. Thanks Doc!

The doctor's athletic background really helped them understand my issues as a competitive lifter and it made the treatment so much more effective! Dr. Matt gave me suggestions on how to warm up better to prevent certain pains, and Dr. Annie taped me back together when I was broken.

Dr. Matt fixed not only my chronic knee pain but also my long standing acid reflux! who knew that was a chiropractic problem? He is very thorough, smart and really cares about his clients. I highly recommend him!
M.H. Boalsburg, PA

Dr. Matt and Dr. Annie are amazing chiropractors. They focus on the whole body and not just the spine so you get much better results. It is amazing to see what is working and what is not just by touch. They really are great at what they do and I would not go any where else!

Dr. Matt Reyes is amazing, as a bodybuilder my lower back and shoulder area tends to get really stiff each and every time i go see Dr. Reyes he takes good care of me, afterwards i feel like a brand new man, no stiffness nor sore back. Thank you for your great work sir appreciate it.